8to8 Perfume Duo

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Retail Price: RM130.00

RM100.00 Special Price

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Choose two scents from this duo!

  • Hold fragrance away from your body. You will want to be at least 5-7 inches away from your chest/body. 
  • Spray perfume onto your "pulse points." 
  • Use targeted sprays. 
  • Dab your perfume on. 
  • Let your "pulse point" dry without rubbing it. 
  • Try not to overdo it with the perfume.
In Eight to Eight, Inspired Perfumes are created and self-manufactured by our passionate and dedicated team based on international best-selling perfume brands. 8to8 strive to maintain the accuracy of the scent without compromising its longevity. The goal is to ensure the high demand of consumers are met without compromising the quality of their products and to ensure a competitive price in Malaysia as well as South East Asia market. Research and Development team is always working towards manufacturing top notch quality inspired perfumes because we understand that each customer has a different taste in scent.

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