Antoinette Silk Lashes

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More Lashes' falsies are named after famous women throughout history who inspire with their strong personalities. Antoinette is the eyelash to wear if you are one who has impeccable taste, is sophisticated and yet not pretentious.

1. 3D effect

2. Cruelty-free

3. Ultra-light

4. Reusable up to 20 times

5. Made from 100 per cent Korean silk

100 per cent Korean silk

  • First, hold the lash up againt the eye and roughly measure before snipping off the excess length. 
  • Line the base of the false eyelashes with eyelash glue and let dry slightly until tacky. 
  • Align the false eyelashes to the base of your own lashes and apply it directly. Once adhered properly, allow a few minutes for the glue to dry properly before continuing with the rest of your makeup routine.

This amazing, cruelty-free eyelash brand hails from sunny Sabah in East Malaysia. More Lashes offers handcrafted, premium 3D lashes made from 100 per cent Korean silk. Their products are highly affordable, ultra-fine, light-weight and long-lasting too. In other words, More Lashes' falsies are exclusively designed to provide maximum comfort with maximum wow.

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Worth every penny Review by TZA

Love how this particular set of falsies look like a band of mini flares. They're really light and comfortable to wear, and they're reusable too giving you bang for your buck. (Posted on 7/5/2017)

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