Rose Quartz Roller

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Treat yourself with a face massage everyday using this Rose Quartz Facial Roller. A gentle lymphatic massage will help to reduce puffiness and improve blood circulation to stimulate collagen production. Made with real Rose Quartz, a stone of the heart is an important gemstone for healing. It reduces stress and opens up the heart chakra to unconditional love and positive energy. Tip: Pop it in the refrigerator before use. Using the Rose Quartz Facial Roller while it is cold will help boost circulation.

Different ways of enjoying the roller:
After applying your favourite serum, moisturiser or facial oil
Put in the fridge for an extra cool feeling to wake up skin and depuff undereye bags.
Roll over sheetmasks for essence to penetrate deeper
How to use:
Begin rolling gently from the center of the face and outwards in one direction.
Our rollers are double sided so the larger stone can be used for:
Cheeks, nose and chin – sweep upwards and outwards towards the ears
Forehead – From the center towards the ears
Jawline and neck – under the chin towards the ears, then down the neck towards the collarbone
Smaller stone for:
Eyes: from inner corner of eye along to ears
Use the weight of the roller to guide movement and take care not to tug at skin. Lymph vessels on the face/neck are superficial and sit just under the skin so there’s no need to apply a lot of pressure onto the skin.
Can be used daily for 2 – 3 minutes. If using for longer duration (up to 10 minutes), slow down to 2- 4 times a week. Care tips: Clean regularly with a damp cloth or wash with gentle soap. Store dry. Lubricate with a vegetable oil like olive oil, as needed. Each roller is handcrafted and every stone is natural and unique. Colour will vary slightly from the picture shown.

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