Liquid Lip Velvet (Putri)

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RM40.00 Price:

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The MAKAYLA Liquid Lip Velvet is an intensely pigmented liquid lipstick that's highliy pigmented with a matte finish. It delivers comfortable wear that won't dry out your lips throughout the day. Instead, it conditions and hydrates your pout. Putri is a beautiful chocolate shade that accentuates your lips without being too loud.

1. Ministry of Health Malaysia approved

2. Formulated with collagen, argan oil and vitamin E

Collagen, Vitamin E, Argan Oil

  • Start by using the pointed tip of the wand to apply colour on the cupid's bow. Fill in colour.
  • Fill in the rest of the upper lip from the outside in.
  • Finish applying colour by applying directly to the lower lip from the outside in.
MAKAYLA is an all-natural skincare line from sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that's devoted to helping solve adult skin concerns including dry skin, acne, scar healing and premature ageing in a holistic fashion. They are also take pride in being the first Malaysian brand to develop the country's first and only collagen-based face mist. Working together with highly-skilled organic chemists, MAKAYLA creates lush and effective organic formulations of the highest quality, using ingredients directly from Germany and France.

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