Makeup Brush Set

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RM79.00 Price:

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A collection of 10 high-quality brushes for the face and eyes. The MAKAYLA Makeup Brushes is made with animal-friendly materials and synthetic fibres that ensure flawless application and complete coverage. Of course, these brushes come housed in a stylish pouch so you can stay stylish even when you need a touch-up. This kit contains:

1. Flat Top Stippling Brush (Blend)

2. Angled Contour Brush

3. Angled Blush/ Bronzer Brush

4. Powder Brush

5. Concealer Brush

6. Small Flat Top Stippling Brush

7. Small Angled Contour Brush

8. Small Tapered Contouring Brush

9. Small round Eyeshadow Brush

10. Small Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Synthetic fibres

  • Flat Top Stippling Brush (Blend) for foundation
  • Angled Contour Brush to blend in contour
  • Angled Blush/ Bronzer Brush to highlight the skin or apply blush to cheeks
  • Powder Brush for setting makeup
  • Concealer Brush under the eyes or sides of the nose
  • Small Flat Top Stippling Brush for more detailed blending
  • Small Angled Contour Brush for small corners and more detailed blending
  • Small Tapered Contouring Brush for more detailed contouring
  • Small round Eyeshadow Brush to apply eye makeup
  • Small Eyeshadow Blending Brush to blend eyeshadow shades smoothly
MAKAYLA is an all-natural skincare line from sunny Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that's devoted to helping solve adult skin concerns including dry skin, acne, scar healing and premature ageing in a holistic fashion. They are also take pride in being the first Malaysian brand to develop the country's first and only collagen-based face mist. Working together with highly-skilled organic chemists, MAKAYLA creates lush and effective organic formulations of the highest quality, using ingredients directly from Germany and France.

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