OhMostWanted Look Magic Wand

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Youth is literally a roll away with OhMostWanted's Magic Wand. This innovative beauty tool requires no batteries, is portable and delivers results in a flash. The wand utilizes a rhythmic rolling action that replicates facial massaging techniques with 30 massaging geranium stones that improve the appearance of your complexion by uplifting, rejuvenating and re-energizing the skin. Use the beauty roller on your: 1. Forehead 2. Cheeks 3. Collarbone 4. Upper arm 5. Hand 6. Neck 7. Shoulder and cervical spine 8. Calves

Germanium Stone

  • Roll gently around your forehead up and down.
  • Move slightly from chin to eyes. The movements should be particularly gentle on sensitive skin.
  • On the collarbone, gently roll between the chest and clavicle.
  • On the upper arms and calves, skin is very soft, so roll gently in vertical and then horizontal directions going left and right.
  • On the hands and neck, be extra gentle and work in vertical movements.
  • When using the beauty roller on the shoulder and cervical spine, rolling on bare joints is better.

Oh! Most Wanted Look was founded in 2015 by a group of young Malaysian entrepreneurs, including a renowned Malaysian aesthetics doctor. With a team of diverse individuals, they decided to create one of the country's pioneering cosmeceuticals line. Cosmeceuticals are the merging of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, meaning that although Oh! Most Wanted Look is a lifestyle brand, they only offer quality products that appeal to city chicks and beauty enthusiasts.

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