Rose Floral Water (100ml)

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Made with the finest Rosa Damascena Flower, this rose water has natural hydrating properties drawing moisture to the skin. Besides that, it is packed with antioxidants, helps maintain the skin's pH balance, controls excess oil and antibacterial to heal wounds and cuts. The sublime fragrance is uplifting and encourages inner harmony.

1. All natural

2. Nourish, soothe redness, balances skin and anti-ageing

Rosa Damascena Flower Water
Place the spritzer approximately 6 inches away and spray liberally to form a fine mist over your face or body. Tanamera Floral water can also be used to blend homemade skincare preparations such as scrubs and mask.
Literally meaning 'red earth' in Malay, Tanamera was founded in 1995 by three Malaysian siblings and inspired by various traditional Asian spa treatments. Just four years after the brand's inception, Tanamera had its first breakthrough with the construction of its GMP-certified natural products factory. Even after well over a decade, the brand's ethos remains the same - to be a purveyor of natural remedies, eco-friendly products and to promote the healing powers of our land's tropical herbs and essences.

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