Squishy Love Sponge

Retail Price: RM45.00

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Retail Price: RM45.00

RM39.00 Special Price

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A reusable, high-quality cosmetic sponge applicator that saves so much of your precious time. The unique, exclusive and high-quality material ensures an impeccable and streak-free application with minimal product waste, which results in flawless looking makeup outcome. 

  1. Wet your Squishy Love Sponge with water before each use and squeeze out excess liquid.
  2. Bounce your favourite liquiud, cream or powder products in gentle dabbing motions for a flawless and blended finishing.
  3. Use round part for large surfaces and the contour tip for more precision.
  4. Use the flat surface to blend concealers and bake your loose powder under the eyes, 

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