Simply Scent-sational Bundle

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RM150.00 Price:

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For when you need to pull out all the stops to show her you care, this amazing Simply Scent-sational Bundle ought to do the trick! Scent is a powerful tool in the romance and the game of love, and now, it's perfectly packaged as a beautiful bouquet featuring a fragrance made for a charismatic woman, as a sweet and fruity mix with a hint of delicate and feminine blooms. We promise you that there's nothing else like it. Each Simply Scent-sational Bundle contains:

1. Rose bouquet by Fleuri Flowers

2. Argania Adelia EDP (30ml)

  • Use right after showering and moisturising.
  • Spritz the fragrance onto your body's 'warm zones' - like the neck, behind the ears, your wrists and on your inner elbow.

The perfect page to send to your hubby or boyfriend when you want to drop hints. Or if you're a guy looking to shop for your leading lady, then you've come to the right place!

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