SOS X Leola Skrubb & Glow (350g)

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An all-in-one body scrub, the SOS X Leola Skrubb & Glow is a face and body exfoliator formulated in Japan. It works hard, but gently on the skin, to deliver multiple benefits, giving your skin a brighter, glowing and younger-looking appearance from face to feet.

1. Ministry of Health Malaysia approved

2. For both face and body

3. Lightens dark spots, scars and pigmentation

4. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores

5. Controls breakouts

6. Tightens and firms the skin, for a more contoured look

7. Safe for breastfeeding mums and on sensitive skin

Aqua, N70, Betaine, Glycerin, D-Panthenol, Aloe Vera, PQ7, Argan Oil, Exfo-Bamboo Body, EDTA, Pomegranate.

1. Dampen face/body before use.

2. Take an appropriate amount of product and gently work into the skin.

3. Rinse off completely. Take care not to get product into the eyes.

4. Follow with proper skincare routine.

5. Excessive exfoliating can damage the skin. Use scrub only three to four times weekly.

6. Use within six months of opening.

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